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comatoserose's Journal

Comatose Rose Magazine
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Comatose Rose Magazine is Canada's Only Dark Culture Magazine.
80's, absurd minds, aenima, aghast view, amber spyglass, apoptygma berzerk, asmodeus x, assemblage 23, audra, b&d emporium, bad sector, balkandji, ballet mechanique, behind the scenes, black coat mob, blue eyed christ, butterfly messiah, christopher, claire voyant, coded, collide, comatose rose magazine, covenant, cryptomnesia, cyber zen sound engine, d.u.s.t., dancing ferret discs, dark muse, darkrave, darkthrone, das ich, dead air, deathline international, decoded feedback, dein schatten, delica, devin townsend, distant sun, doomsdaykult, ebm, econocon, einsturzende neubauten, emperor, eternia, fear absolute, flaming angels designs, flesh resonance, fracture, gothic, gotterdammerung, headscan, hollenthon, imperative reaction, in gowan ring, incultus, indie contact bible, industrial, inner surge, karl mohr, kmfdm, lacuna coil, landscape body machine, lennon murphy, libitina, lilac ambush, lily, lycia, maldoror, mannequin depressives, mentallo & the fixer, metal, metropolis records, midnight syndicate, mlada fronta, mortiis, mourning after pill, neuroticfish, nosferatu, ordeal, pain of salvation, paralysed age, parametric, per somnia, perdition, pig, pop debris, power noise, project pitchfork, projekt, psyche, punk, renee robyn, sam rosenthal, sanguis et cinis, seabound, sentenced, sephiroth, seven 13, sex death & eyeliner, sin saturday's, sino, siren, skinny puppy, skinpackt, soil work, synthpop, the cruxshadows, the dreamside, the drowning season, the frozen autumn, the nature of gothic, the question, the r.a.c.e., the synthetic dream foundation, theatre of tragedy, thorns, toxic shock syndrome, violent messiahs, virgin black, vnv nation, voltage magazine, writhe and shine, z prochek