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Collide West Coast Tour Announcement 
01:06pm 15/12/2004

COLLIDE is scheduled to go on a west coast tour during the month of Janurary. So if you are in the area, be sure to stop by and catch us.


January 10th, Brick by Brick, San Diego, California
January 11th, DNA Lounge, San Francisco, California
January 13th, Sabala's Mount Tabor Club, Portland, Oregon
January 14th, The Vogue, Seattle, Washington
January 16th, Sonar Club, Vancouver, British Columbia

Click on the thumbnail below to view the flyer:

11:48am 15/11/2004
  Some pix from the Skinny Puppy Concert. It was a personal pleasure to be able to shoot this show. Hope you enjoy. =)
(forgive a few xp.)

11:05am 26/10/2004
  Some pix from the NORTHBOUND LEATHER: BENTO fashion show. what an amazing time. I don't know how they manage to out-do themselves, but they do. Not all pix are work safe but they are thumbnailed. Link will take you to the whole gallery. enjoy!
Collide worldwide debut concert 10/31 
02:33pm 28/09/2004
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Since Collide is listed as a Community Interest here, I thought this would be relevant/useful:

After eleven years, five albums, and numerous gig offers from around the world, Collide will be playing their first live show ever on Sunday, October 31st at the Dracula's Ball event in Philadelphia. Joining them for their historic debut will be special guests Ego Likeness. DJs Ian Fford (NYC), Kelly Ashkettle (UT) and Rickbats (IL) will be spinning. This event takes place at Egypt Nightclub; all ages are welcome, but you must be 21+ w/ID to drink.

Tickets are $15 on sale now, available through Digital Ferret, IsoTank or Ticketmaster. More details can be found on the Dracula's Ball website.
04:51pm 06/08/2004
  Over the course of eleven years, popular alternative band Collide has kept fans happy with five fantastic full-length albums, all of which have received critical acclaim and impressive sales figures. Magazines around the world have written about Collide’s recordings, praising their heady blend of electronic and industrial grooves with passionate, evocative female vocals. Admiring their photos (lush and sensual, like their music) as well as their sound, Gothic Beauty Magazine named Collide its Band of the Year for 2003. But even with everything that Collide has delivered, its fans have been patiently waiting for one more thing: a concert.

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New Delica song 
01:51pm 19/07/2004

Just wanted to let everyone know about our latest preview single. The full-length CD is due out at the end of the year.

Monday July 19th, Philadelphia: LACUNA COIL, TAPPING THE VEIN, HEAD 
08:24pm 22/06/2004
mood: content
Now is the time to pick up tickets for what is probably one of Lacuna Coil's last smaller shows. This is one of a select few shows they agreed to play while on tour with Ozzfest 2004.

Also featuring Tapping the Vein.
Tapping the Vein has been in the studio recently working on their new album. They have not performed live in some time and have agreed to come out for one show with their friends in Lacuna Coil.

If you like powerful female vocals you'll love Head.
Head has been in existence for some time and just finished working on their new album. You don't want to miss this band. They ALWAYS put on an amazing show.

Monday July 19th @ the Troc
10th and Arch Streets - Philadelphia
Lacuna Coil
Tapping the Vein

Doors @ 7pm
ALL AGES - 21+ with ID to Drink

Tickets Available:
Digital Ferret $16 *LIMITED # AVAILABLE*
Troc Box Office $16 + $1 restoration fee
TicketMaster $16 + fees

09:57pm 31/05/2004
  If you like EBM/industrial/Synthpop, listen to this. It's a short clip of Stability, by my band, November Process :)


I also started the novemberprocess fan community...so if you have any feedback, join and talk about it!
Have fun!

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10:42pm 25/05/2004
  Funky little movie clip of 'To Die For Designs' from the DARK VANITY fashion show is now up at Dark Canada.
Click on the image to be magically whisked away or something close to it.

11:55am 15/05/2004
  The response to Dark Canada so far has been beyond our expectations!

This is an invitation for anyone and everyone in Canada that we haven't heard from to get involved, but especially in the Ottawa, Saskatoon and Edmonton areas. We're doing our best to research and contact everyone we can, but we encourage people to take initiative and get a hold of us. Travel is set for mid-July, to September, so don't miss your chance to be a part of this unique opportunity. Check out the website to learn more about the project and join the newsletter for updates.

12:18pm 22/04/2004
mood: complacent
STUCK IN TIME PRODUCTIONS in association with COMATOSE ROSE present:

Click on the image above to see all about this cross country documentary and how you can be a part of it!
11:49am 24/03/2004
Comatose Rose Magazine presents:
- In The Scene: DJ Morgana -

{click image for more}

If you're interested in becoming our 'In The Scene' feature -

Submit your photo along with your name/handle, location, age, interests, your website if applicable, and most importantly what you contribute to the gothic community.

We’re looking for Designers, Musicians, Models, DJ’s and anyone else involved in promoting the scene.
Those selected will receive...

• A free photo-shoot with a professional photographer
• A chance to be featured in Comatose Rose Magazine
• A free copy of the magazine (any issue of your choice)
• 10% off any size advertisement for you or a friend.
• Bragging rights.
Imperative Reaction News :) 
10:41pm 25/02/2004
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The following was taken from www.industrial-music.com

This may well be the first ''must-have'' CD for 2004! Imperative Reaction made their triumphant return in 2002 with “Ruined.” Touring in support of the record from 2002 to 2003, the band performed in front of capacity crowds and gained many, many new fans with the successful tour. Shortly afterwards, work began on a follow-up record. Taking nearly a year to complete, “Redemption” was established in early 2004. More aggressive than “Ruined,” the new album has a unified feel from start to finish. Each track compliments the next without any letdown, and every one of them could easily be a dance floor hit. Explosive beats, smooth programming, highly charged sequences, and vocals that accentuate the message in the lyrics make
“Redemption” Imperative Reaction’s greatest album to date. Imperative Reaction has finally come into their own. On Metropolis.

The new album will be in stores March 9th :)

Here is a link to the new cover art...


Here is a clip of "Arrogance" from the new album...


Here is a link for two clips of new songs at the metropolis website...

Also, for those of you in the U.S., "Redemption" is now available for
pre-order! You can order it here: http://industrial-music.com/product.php?prodnum=MET+311&PHPSESSID=cd96bcaad6f4f05de563d1806c26b2bb

For the fans in Europe, you can read interviews with the band in the
April issues of Zillo, Orkus, and Sonic Seducer. Zillo Magazine will be
featuring IR as it's Band Of The Month. The magazine issues a CD sampler each
month which will feature an exclusive remix of "Alone" which is on the new
album. "Redemption" will be released on April 5th in Europe on Metropolis

If you would like to be a part of the IR "Street Team", please visit
the forum for more information. The thread can be found here:

On February 24th an interview with Imperative Reaction was aired on an
internet radio program in Calgary. An mp3 of the interview is available at

Also, if any of you are interested in recieving first hand info from the band (including contests, lyrics, tour dates, etc) add me at www.livejournal.com/users/imperativesgirl

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night :)
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*Imperative Reaction news* 
11:06pm 15/12/2003
  Hello! I just recently joined, my name is Lisbeth. I am a guest singer and the wife of the lead singer of Imperative Reaction. I see that this community has them listed as an interest so I am here to let everybody know that the original website is no longer in use. The new website is www.imperativereaction.net and there are new features such as a forum that you guys should join!

The band is also working on an *amazing* new album that is coming out on Metropolis Records in early 2004. Keep your eyes out around early March!
Comatose Rose Release Party! 
01:21pm 05/05/2003
  X-Posted with comatoserose.com as well as darkcalgary.com

Ballet Mechanique began as the first event from Lucifer Media Corporation. We began this club night in March, 2002 as a semi-monthly repeating event at The Newt, and of course moved to weekly @ The Warehouse in June 2002.

Lucifer Media hosts numerous future oriented web-sites and I have always worked hard to keep Ballet Mechanique in line with the values they promote. Optimism is our watchword, we believe in looking to the future, moving always forward, encouraging vitality and growth, reaching for the stars!

And so In that spirit, just one month shy of one year old as a weekly event and obviously still going very strong, a new opportunity has presented itself and Ballet Mechanique is changing venue once again. . .

::: MACHINE :::

Talk has been rife about this new club and Ballet Mechanique fits in naturally with their determinate path to success and with their motto: Cultural Evolution.

WED. MAY. 14th

Will be a SPECIAL SNEAK PREVIEW of Ballet Mechanique @ Machine. Come down, get a look at this beautiful new club and help us celebrate. We will be holding a CD release party and there will be mass giveaways from Dependent & Noitekk Records. CD's, T-shirts, hoodies, and stickers.
This will also be the launch of Comatose Rose #6.
This is a SPECIAL EVENT for Ballet Mechanique!

Machine's actual official opening date will be announced then.
Thereafter Ballet Mechanique will remain a weekly, Wednesday night event!