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Imperative Reaction News :)

The following was taken from

This may well be the first ''must-have'' CD for 2004! Imperative Reaction made their triumphant return in 2002 with “Ruined.” Touring in support of the record from 2002 to 2003, the band performed in front of capacity crowds and gained many, many new fans with the successful tour. Shortly afterwards, work began on a follow-up record. Taking nearly a year to complete, “Redemption” was established in early 2004. More aggressive than “Ruined,” the new album has a unified feel from start to finish. Each track compliments the next without any letdown, and every one of them could easily be a dance floor hit. Explosive beats, smooth programming, highly charged sequences, and vocals that accentuate the message in the lyrics make
“Redemption” Imperative Reaction’s greatest album to date. Imperative Reaction has finally come into their own. On Metropolis.

The new album will be in stores March 9th :)

Here is a link to the new cover art...

Here is a clip of "Arrogance" from the new album...

Here is a link for two clips of new songs at the metropolis website...

Also, for those of you in the U.S., "Redemption" is now available for
pre-order! You can order it here:

For the fans in Europe, you can read interviews with the band in the
April issues of Zillo, Orkus, and Sonic Seducer. Zillo Magazine will be
featuring IR as it's Band Of The Month. The magazine issues a CD sampler each
month which will feature an exclusive remix of "Alone" which is on the new
album. "Redemption" will be released on April 5th in Europe on Metropolis

If you would like to be a part of the IR "Street Team", please visit
the forum for more information. The thread can be found here:

On February 24th an interview with Imperative Reaction was aired on an
internet radio program in Calgary. An mp3 of the interview is available at

Also, if any of you are interested in recieving first hand info from the band (including contests, lyrics, tour dates, etc) add me at

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful night :)
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